Modern Concerts.

“I remember holding lighters and throwing peace signs around”. The Modern Age of what Rock is has changed drastically. Today you will see more people flashing cameras, capturing video promoting our current digital age. No one smokes inside anymore, people start chilling on outside rooftops or in outdoor gated areas. I’ve noticed artists in the Punk and Indie scenes till try to relate to their fans and hang out in the merch areas, at the side bars, and what have. The modern tour has changed. I know people that still use the good ol white van and have avoided the huge buses and airplanes. The creativity has improved in my mind with the learning of additional instruments and record cuts. It has been interesting to see our new age of music to say the least.

#guest of a guest. covering L.A., D.C., Hamptons, and N.Y.C.

_ Ian. NYC & Global Writer

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