Presidential Debate Round II

What I Saw..

Cool Points for the debate happening at Hofstra University in my county of Nassau. It was interesting watching both canditates pander the recent College graduates and telling them they’re will be a job after they graduate their institution. Most students out of college need those jobs to pay off the debt acclumated. When I was in college with Jacksonville University and CUNY most of the grants and assitance is there for people with good grades and if you don’t maintain a certain GPA the assistance is pulled. The rest is paid with loans and out of pockets so we don’t expect to be unemployed. We except to sell our qualities properly and be able to help our society grow. Gov. Romney says he can create 12 million jobs and I believe the private sector will grow rightfully and especially small business. Incredibly interested in Romney’s tax code for the middle class, Since Obama’s administration has limited choice. Taxes on food, health insurance, the price of gas and coal, etc. has been hard on the middle class.


#Guest of a Guest. Covering L.A., D.C., Hamptons, N.Y.C.

_Ian. N.Y.C. and Global Writer.

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