The Aftermath: Hurricane Sandy

New Jersey and Long Island was hit hard this past week with this hurricane. Houses destroyed, people looting, families lacking supplies and medicinal. Hit the hardest in New York and pretty much gone were Staten Island, Long Beach, and the Nautical Mile. We just got power back in Valley Stream.  New York’s City Marathon was canceled and the gas lines are as long as miles. All in all we will stay strong and survive, the best bet is to donate supplies to your local charities, 5-$10 here and there really helps. The companies I represent are also doing their part to help. Lost Weekend had a cookout and offering coffee, CVS is offering a 20% coupon off the entire bill not on sale items and everyone is working overtime to help others. We will also have a new shipment of lighters, bread, milk, canned goods, cigarettes, and candles today saturday.  In conclusion, thats what we know and slowly but surely everything will return back to normal.

_ Ian

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