Organizational Stakeholders

 Week 2 DQ #1

Ian Hosein



Samuel Cunnigham

Week 2 DQ #1

“What makes MTV a popular cable channel for young adults year after year? One factor is its success in building relationships with its various stakeholders: viewers, music celebrities, advertisers, affiliate TV stations, public service groups, and others” (Robbins and Coulter 2-3). This is a solid example of the constituencies in MTV’s environment. The same transcends to the companies I represent. The stakeholders I’m familiar with are celebrities, models, musical bands, skateboarders, surfers, the Lower East Side, New York man. This is the main demographic of what the company affects and tries to emulate to the world. Of course, the store is open to everyone but the stakeholders are who showing off the company the most.

The wants and needs of the stakeholders is an environment which are representative of the culture skateboarding and surf culture of New York. Models are hired to build their portfolios and advance within their occupations world. They represent everything from tote bags to t-shirts in their underwear to sell the product. Musical bands are hired to bring sound to Lost Weekend NYC. The songs in the background of surf and skate films are usually energetic, upbeat, punk, and rock. My management uses the same tone in the store and when they hire or represent musicians. The main element is the Lower East Side Man in my mind, he is the figurative person that lives in this community and needs to stay with the current trends. This could be everything from a simple blue hoodie to a polyester suit jacket with a Rosen tank top underneath. The want and need is to constantly be ahead of the next company.


The Question is does building relationships with the stakeholders important and the answer is a resounding yes. “Management researchers, who have looked at this issue are finding that managers of high-performing companies tend to consider the interests of all major stakeholder groups as they make decisions” (Robbins and Coulter 2-4). My management at Lost Weekend NYC is constantly meeting their needs with the business experience handed to interns to the prize money given to skateboarding and surfing celebrities during contests. Management allows models to make a name for themselves it allows the Lower East Side male to be a representative of the community, New York City, and ultimately the world.

There are difficulties that arise meeting the needs of the various stakeholders, such as have we lost the roots and concepts of the skateboarding and surf culture as we grew bigger and more expensive. Similar questions such as why does a model who doesn’t surf or skate selling me a product that has to do directly with that. Other difficulties are hiring musicians that are unpopular and are still making a name for themselves. We don’t represent a free music exchange anymore as the company has grown bigger and now deal with bands like Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio.







Robbins, S. P., & Coulter, M. (2012). Management (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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