Week 3. In Reflection.

Week 3. In Reflection.

I found this week easier to manage with some time management techniques. I spent a day reading 3 chapters each and taking notes. This helped me absorb the material more clearly and also allowed me to discuss the contract law and administration more fluently in the discussion boards. I found the video on product liability very insightful working for companies we may want to buy products to make life more easier but if it does not do what it says it can be a lost of time and money. As discussed with Brent in the discussion group, ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT. It will save an  individual alot of stress, time, money, and litagation entaglements down the road. I found the way my group functions to be amazing. We make sure to have our writing assignments in around Saturday and then we go through the process of editing and revising the material. This time around I wrote on torts and what I witnessed during the business regulations simulations. Taking action during a oil spill like the one BP occurred at Louisianna can make or break a company with public image and what they chose to release to the press. The people after all have a right to know. However, I favored more of the chairman decisions to do independent research on the spill before facts and people get misrepresented. I’m ready to start getting into week 4 by reading the transcripts and listening to the podcasts. See everyone in Week 4!

Ian Hosein
Greater Long Island


Cheeseman, H.R. (2010).Business law: Legal environment, online commerce, business ethics, and international issues (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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