Leadership in Organizations



Ian Hosein



Professor Irving


“As with leadership qualities, it is important for managers to receive training to develop coaching skills” ( Antonioni para 3 pg3). I believe coaching is one of the most critical tools in determining the transition of mid-level management into higher roles. I noticed this even during the initial screening processes with companies. The president will see you around the third interview to speak with you about the mission, direction, and how the managers function in the workplace. Coaching goes deeper in an organization because it provides a framework of how a company operates.

I believe the high quality training that goes into these processes are obtained through seminars and outside classes as well as morning meetings. For example to better manage my time I attended time management seminars at University of Phoenix and when I had to improve my International Affairs skills I attended seminars with American University and Columbia University on the computer and in person on a couple occasions.

Leadership in general is promoting a everyone in the company to meet quota and make sure we reach that bottom line in the market. It saddens me to see countries like China, India, and Japanese Markets Booming when I know we are technically advanced, have high skill set, are able to meet corporate compliance, and able to meet demands in a fast paced economy.

New York in general has changed the way they operate on the basis of how many certifications a person haves, their outside voluenteer and internship experience, and ultimately the overall work experience in the market place. Coaching is important, yes, but a leader also has to be a effective manager and be able to mentor the younger minds. I think when I was explained concepts in the workplace it made me a more effective marketer and human resource director in the field. I worked directly under fortune 500 companies and we have to learn how to sell products to the consumer as the best deal and keep a high quality atmosphere.

I am always interested in seeing the University of Phoenix MBA videos on Management and Leadership qualities. I believe for individuals to stay advanced in the market they have to be innovative and willing to hone their skills to the companies values, ethics, and overall mission statement. I think if anything has changed it’s the way we view work. If you work hard you can also play hard seems to be the most popular attitude as of late. We have company nights out at bars and restaraunts, benefits such as free reading material, clothes, political dinners, etc.

I find broadcasting three days a week live to be a fulfilling experience I run my office out of my home and can be seen on expressdifferent.com I think with the job market being the way it is currently we have to be creative and create our own types of occupation. I also write for journals and blogs constantly. It is a great to get my point across and meet some interesting political figures. I recently signed a co-host Micah Will and we will be leading our production team into our show which is now 2 months deep into broadcast.  On Thursday we have a special guest appearance by Kristin Tate who is a fellow New Yorker, Libertarian, and goes by the motto Live Free or Die. I truly believe political panels is a great tool in finding future political leaders that are great at communication skills and are willing to coach others with their individual philosophies.

When I was in a fraternity in college it ran like a business and we were in charge of molding other people, little brothers, little sisters, and new pledges to the fraternity. It can be fun but there are also meetings, fundraising, and a lot of work involved. It still looks great on a resume and I’m happy to find job opportunities easier with Tau Kappa Epsilon on my resume.


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Ian Hosein.




Antonioni, D. (2000). Leading, Managing, and Coaching. Industrial Management42(5), 27.


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