Leadership Styles




Leadership Styles

Ian Hosein



Professor Irving

Leadership Styles

Resources: The Strategy Process, Organizational Behavior, and Leadership in Organizations


Imagine the company you work for is expanding and restructuring. You are provided the opportunity to determine the position that best suits you, meaning you are able to define your role so that you will most benefit the company and be most successful.


Write a paper of no more than 1,400 words that describes your leadership style model.


Identify strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style by applying what you learned about yourself through self-assessments.


Compare and contrast leadership theories in the textbooks to better understand relevant theories applicable to your leadership approach.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.



Leadership styles and models are always important when determining a restructuring and remodeling process of a company. Although some CEOs may use a bottom to top view where they are cashier and the leader for example a company like Mcdonalds. A company expanding needs the direction and separation of these roles. I believe we should create a positive atmosphere and demands and such should be documented in a box rather than a constant complaining team. I believe we can move forward if we meet compliance issues and mold a small business attitude. In my mind small business is the future of the United States. We need to take a topic like Comparative Advantage and meet the market demands. If the markets in Japan are booming we should open a office there and take advantage of the Nekei. I believe the markets in America suffer because there is too much Federal Spending going on and not enough cutting and balancing. For example anytime President Obama gives a speech on taxation with his kennedy school of Economics from Harvard the Dow Jones Industrial takes a hit and starts to fall. Only recently have we seen the states create more opportunity and rebrand America the land of such.

My heroes are Ronald Reagan and Ayn Rand to name a few. Big Business models that remained popular in the late 70’s with trickle down economics, Libertarians, Free Markets and ultimately Free Speech. Free Minds and less bureaucratic government overreach became popular as well. I would mold the company to represent more of these itemized beliefs because I know they work and that’s why the laws are still implemented in the modern day workplace. “I believe the hear of conservatism is Libertarianism”- Ronald Reagan. I think these beliefs are still being implemented with think tanks like the Reason Foundation and the Cato Institute of whom I have close tithes with. They proclaim solutions for a balanced budget, less war and American involvement in foreign lands, and ultimately the freedom to live the way you want to if you don’t inflict on the rights of others. I will take these beliefs into the office as we begin to see changes in the turn of the century.

WHEN YOU lead people through difficult change, you challenge what people hold dear—their daily habits, tools, loyalties, and ways of thinking—with nothing more to offer perhaps than a possibility,” (Heifitz and Linksy 1).  Leading people can be determined in different ways and I agree with this Harvard review article we read. Even this masters program is so accredited that I’ve received attention from Harvard and Columbia University students who are going through something similar. I believe our President takes a Harvard approach when viewing company problems with the taxation school of Kennedy Economics to the way he approaches the stimulus and Federal Spending. Do I agree with everything he does? I do not but I still think building up a government entitlement is bad business. It creates too much oversight and companies can suffer if they don’t remain cutting edge always being innovative and keeping up with the latest technology advances. Take the example of Circuit City, the company tanked because it was not constantly keeping up with the market demand. A company like Mcdonalds on the other hand is always going the extra mile to keep the customer. Such as adding some green ooze to an ice cream when the movie Shrek comes out. It is the little things that are important when keeping the customer happy.

As far as employees go with have to keep them happy as well. I suggest concert tickets, sporting events, salary incentives. I’m running a small business in a way and I care if our guests and employees remain happy. The Ian and Micah show is a political forum where people can voice their opinion we are popular on the internet, google hangout, and on a radio platform. I want to thank IPMnation and express different for sponsoring our endeavors. As we continue to grow we have to add reporters who have their own segments we want to mirror something like a Bill Maher or Daily Show. As far as writing articles and journalism we want to mirror something like a Salon.com or The Atlantic. They are always cutting edge, always with the latest changes on the political scale, and when news breaks we are there to report it to our consumer base. We need to apply these factos into social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google, etc. because it changes things up, it keeps people aware of happenings, and ultimately it stimulates the market to benefit both our company and enlighten our viewers.

Companies that are able to adapt quickly and accurately will remain in the market and build a new cohesive viewer base. I think remaining objective to topics such as we just did one on the Modernization of Africa will keep people aware of different sides of the coin. Personally I am a keep America first person but I am always willing to hear how we can benefit another country and see if we can progress them into our technological age. This satisfies the different bases all the way keeping ones beliefs dear.












Harvard Management Update. Mar2002, Vol. 7 Issue 3, p3. 2p. 1 Black and White Photograph.

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