Rock the Vote has been gaining momentum these past political election cycles.  The band NOFX took the forefront to support John Kerry when he ran against George W. Bush and the movement has never looked back. Taking stands on issues, mobilizing the youth vote. We have seen the grassroots expand and help win the presidency for Barack Obama. Rock and Roll has always had a strong revolutionary component to it. The Rock the Vote movement is intricately founded with the left political spectrum. Gaining attention of the apathetic voter and bringing new life to the social structure of these United States. Volunteers have been signing up people and handing out pamphlets on how voting democratic will help their lives and benefit society. This election is no different. With the main issues being terrorism, the war presence, and the economy. The movement will always say we have a democracy and we need to promote democratic principles to help the world grow. Political leaders of the democratic party have greatly acknowledged the movement giving it commercial airtime, interviewing the leaders, and even changing once unpopular policy like marijuana legalization, gay marriage, and financial aid for college. I don’t want to say the Republican Party is out of touch but the Beatles are representing the evolution of the Democratic Party and country music has never had roots in dramatic social change.

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